KINTO gives you access to a range of cars, including the latest hybrids, without the hassle of car ownership. Access cars by the hour or day, 24/7.

Choose the right car for every occasion, accessed when and where you need it - all run from a smart phone app.

There are no membership or signup fees, simply download the KINTO app to get started.

Simply download the app to get started

Everyone should have the freedom to move. With cities more congested and lives more connected, we need a new way to travel from A to B. One solution that’s clever, simple to use and kind to the environment whenever you need to move, wherever you are - that’s KINTO.

KINTO’s origins lie in the word Kinto-un  (Japanese for ‘flying nimbus’) – a service that quickly appears and, no matter where you are or what time it is, takes you wherever you wish to go.

Car Sharing

KINTO Share is the first KINTO service to launch in Australia. Enjoy the freedom to access a car when you need one without the hassles of owning one.

Our seamless, self-service concept lets you choose the right car for every occasion, whether it’s a whirlwind shopping trip or important business meeting, on demand, around the clock.

Simply download the app to get started
How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the KINTO App and joined, it couldn’t be easier. Simply use your phone to book, unlock and drive. And when you’re done, return the car to the spot you picked it up from.

To get started, you’ll just need to meet our eligibility criteria, have a valid driver’s licence and credit/debit card and otherwise agree to the member agreement


Choose the car you want, from where you want, by the hour or day through the app.


Use the app to unlock and lock the car.


There’s no key. Just press the start button and enjoy having a car on hand for wherever life takes you.

KINTO Share is Available in Melbourne

KINTO Share is available in Melbourne, Victoria. The range of vehicles will be available to book on the app, and can be picked up in designated pick up areas. Request KINTO in your area.

Find a Vehicle
Included in each booking:

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Registration

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Standard Cleaning


Service and Maintenance

Did You Know?

A Toyota Hybrid battery charges as you drive, so you never need to plug in*

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* Source: Actual vehicle models may vary from those shown.