Introducing the All-Electric Toyota bZ4X to KINTO

Experience a new kind of freedom & electrify your everyday. Book the all-new Toyota bZ4X with KINTO today and power up your lifestyle.

Experience the Future of Mobility with KINTO

The future of car rental is here with KINTO and Toyota's bZ4X. At KINTO, we're revolutionizing the way you experience mobility, offering seamless EV rentals with Toyotas first All-Electric SUV.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy a sustainable, convenient, and futuristic way of getting around.

Rental prices
per day
per week

No distance fees. Max hire duration 14 days.


The bZ4X FWD is currently available at these locations:

  • Brighton Toyota (VIC)

  • Sydney City Toyota – Waterloo (NSW)

  • Sydney City Toyota - Glebe (NSW)

  • Mosman Toyota (NSW)

Not near you? We have a wide range of Toyota vehicles to suit your lifestyle.

Charge on, Charge Ahead

Concerned about charging? Don’t be, KINTO has you covered.

With KINTO, there is no distance fee with an EV hire and all Toyota bZ4Xs come with two charging cables in the boot, one for AC home charging & another for DC fast charging. Giving you freedom of movement and peace of mind for your EV rental.

For home charging, simply use the provided Mode 2 Charging Cable and plug into a standard Australian power point.

For public charging (including fast charging or installed home chargers), use the provided Mode 3 Charging Cable to plug into the charging station. Some public charging stations may require you to set up an account to activate charging.

More info can be found here -



Fast charging

10-80% in approx 40 mins[1]



Standard charging

10-100% in approx. 21 hrs[1]




Up to 535km[2]  NEDC range

Uses for an Electric Vehicle:
  • Extended test drive: Will the golf clubs and the child seats fit? Rent a bZ4X for the weekend to try before you buy.

  • Car Icon

    Hire an EV for your daily commute: Say goodbye to petrol stations and hello to a stress-free commute with the Toyota bZ4X. Enjoy the quiet ride and zero tailpipe emissions.

  • Rent an EV for your next family getaway: Plan your next adventure with confidence, knowing that the bZ4X has the range and reliability to take you wherever you want to go. Explore scenic routes and hidden gems without worrying about fuel costs.

Handy Tips

Whether you’re an EV enthusiast or a first-time electric car user, KINTO is here to make your EV hire experience seamless and enjoyable.

About Toyota’s first all-electric car, the bZ4X:

The bZ4X features a sophisticated electric powertrain that delivers smooth acceleration, responsive performance, and quiet operation, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Designed with ample interior space, including generous legroom and cargo capacity, the bZ4X provides comfort and versatility for passengers and their belongings.

The Toyota bZ4X comes with all the convenience, technology, and safety befitting of Toyota’s first All-Electric vehicle.

More info can be found here -

Frequently Asked Questions
1: How much does it cost to rent an all-electric bZ4X?

Rent a bZ4X through KINTO for $130 per day or $650 per week with no signup or membership fees, Click here to get a quote and explore availability. There are no distance fees, but you are responsible for charging the car during your booking.

2. Where can I hire an all-electric bZ4X?

A KINTO bZ4X is available to rent from a range of Sydney and Melbourne locations:

  • Brighton Toyota (VIC)
  • Sydney City Toyota – Waterloo (NSW)
  • Sydney City Toyota - Glebe (NSW)
  • Mosman Toyota (NSW)
3. How long can I hire a bZ4X for?

You can rent a KINTO bZ4X from 1 day up to 14 days.

4. How does charging work?

Charging the bZ4X with KINTO is seamless. For home charging, simply use the Mode 2 Charger and plug into a standard Australia powerpoint. For public charging, including fast charging or installed home chargers), simply use the Mode 3 Charger and plug into the charging station.

5. Do I need special charging equipment?

No need to worry. All bZ4Xs with KINTO have both Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging cables included. It’s located in the boot of the car and plugs into the charging port located on the left-hand side of the front quarter of the vehicle.

6. What is the range?

The bZ4X 2WD has a range up to 535km[1] (NEDC Range). It's important to note that real-world range may differ from the estimate range that appears on the dashboard.

7. What factors can impact driving range?

Driving range can be impacted by the temperature outside, the weight of the load you’re carrying in the vehicle, the battery’s age and retention capability and your driving style. While you shouldn’t need to change your lifestyle to drive an electric vehicle, it does help to be aware of the best way to drive one so you can get the most from each charge.

8. Where can I find out how much range/charge is remaining?

You can view the remaining charge and estimated distance for the All-Electric Toyota bZ4X on the right-hand side of its Multi-Information Display.

9. Where do I charge the car?

As of February 2024, there are around 2,400 electric vehicle charging stations nationally, so it’s easier than ever to find public electric vehicle charging facilities depending on your location.  
Use a public charge map like the PlugShare or the ChargeFox App to find one near you. The bZ4X is compatible with all of the standard charger types, so you can travel further and charge faster when you need to.

10. How long does it take to charge the car?

With home charging from a standard power point, its approx. 21 hours from 10% to fully charged. With fast charging, its approx. 60 minutes for full charge from 10% charge, that’s 13 minutes for up to 100km range (with an NEDC test range) [2]

11. How much does it cost to recharge the vehicle?

With KINTO, there is no additional distance fee with the bZ4X. Many AC public charging stations are free. For the paid fast charging stations, DC charging costs can vary according to charging speeds, your location and whether there are any network memberships applicable.
You may be required to download an app, create an account and/or use a digital payment method to access public DC charge stations.

12. Do I need to return the vehicle with full charge?

When you return the bZ4X to its drop off location, the bZ4X can be returned empty. Once it’s parked, simply lock the doors, press end journey via the KINTO app and walkaway. No need to plug in the charger, the dealership staff will handle that for you.

13. What happens if I run out of charge?

All KINTO rentals include 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring that help is just a phone call away, should you need it. If you need Roadside Assistance, call 1300 832 772 If you run out of charge, you will be subject to an at fault Roadside Assistance callout fee at Actual Cost.

14. Why can't I unplug the charging cable from the car?

The charging cable cannot be removed while the doors are locked. Simply unlock the vehicle via the KINTO app, this will allow you to easily unplug the charging cable from the car.

15. I’ve turned the vehicle on, how do I put the vehicle into gear?

There is a dial-style shift knob, simply push down to put in neutral and twist either right to put in drive or left for reverse.

[1] Charging duration is approximate only and may vary depending on environmental and charging conditions, type of charger and method used. Actual charging times may differ. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Toyota recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner’s manual and for guidance.

[2] 535 km range, achieved for Australian electric bZ4X 2WD Automatic SUV, is based on consumption rate of 128 Wh/km using the NEDC combined drive cycle mandated by the ADR 81/02 (and is the range displayed on the Energy Consumption label affixed to the car). 436 km range, achieved for European electric bZ4X 2WD Automatic SUV, is based on consumption rate of 168.9 Wh/km using the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Australian model has not been tested using WLTP test procedure. The electric range and the energy consumption values were determined using a fully charged battery in a laboratory test and should only be used for the purpose of comparing vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Actual driving range may vary depending on accessories fitted, battery age and condition, climate, driving style, use of heating/cooling, traffic conditions, and vehicle load. The WLTP test cycle has higher energy demand compared to the NEDC which will generally deliver a lower driving range. For more information, please visit