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With a range of Toyota vehicles to feed your spontaneity, KINTO Share is available for you to access last minute or whenever you need.

You don’t need to own your own vehicle to enjoy freedom and flexibility. KINTO Share gives you hassle-free access to a range of Toyota vehicles and offers an affordable alternative to car ownership.

Enjoy a range of on-street, off-street and participating Toyota Dealership pick-up locations around Australia, with some KINTO vehicles available 24/7. Whether you are selecting a car for the family, a small business, a move, or a date – our book by the hour or day car share service is your new travel bestie. It has never been easier to click and drive.

KINTO brings a range of vehicles to your fingertips. Use the digital self-service on your smartphone to choose, book, unlock and drive your Toyota vehicle. Enjoy zero membership or sign-up fees – just clear, transparent pricing where you only pay for the time you book and the distance you travel, plus any extras.

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Enjoy Clear, Transparent Pricing

Keep track of your spending and manage your finances with our easy-to-understand pricing. Your booking cost will include a duration fee and a per/km distance fee, plus any extras.

You don’t need to worry about unexpected repair or maintenance costs – your booking fee includes insurance*, registration, maintenance, roadside assistance, and fuel.

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How Can KINTO Share Help You?

For Your Convenience

If you don’t use a car very often or your current car is out of action, you can use KINTO Share’s flexible options to fill the gap. KINTO has convenient pick-up locations across Australia – just choose, unlock, and drive from the app.

For Your Family

With KINTO Share, you can easily and affordably rent a second car for school drop-off and pick-up, ducking to the grocery shop or for Saturday sport. If your primary car is out of action, you can count on KINTO to provide a reliable, safe, and stylish car for the family.

For Your Business

Securely manage your business cash flow with KINTO. You don’t need to fork out thousands to buy new work vehicles – use KINTO Share and plan your finances effectively. Whether you need an SUV, van, or hatchback, choose the vehicle that suits your needs and pay for what you book – no more.

KINTO Is Available From A Range of On-Street and Off-Street Locations, As Well As Selected Toyota Dealerships

The range of vehicles will be available to book on the app, and can be collected from convenient designated locations.

Are you ready to Move Like Magic?

Download the KINTO app on your smartphone and enjoy ultimate flexibility.

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Are You Ready To Move Like Magic?

Download the KINTO app on your smartphone and enjoy ultimate flexibility.

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* Insurance excess fees apply.