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Looking for a reliable car hire in Parramatta? KINTO has a range of Toyota vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an SUV for your next road trip, a van for moving furniture, a 7-seater to fit the whole family, or a hatchback for running errands, KINTO has the car hire in Parramatta that is the perfect solution for you.

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1. Do I require an Australian driving licence to hire a car in Parramatta?

For hiring cars in Parramatta, international drivers are welcome. You only need to possess a valid and unrestricted driver's licence from your home country. If your licence is in a language other than English, a formal translation is necessary.

2. What is the pricing structure for borrowing a car through KINTO car hire?

The pricing for KINTO car hire differs slightly from traditional car hire companies. When you borrow a car with KINTO, you are charged based on the duration of your usage, the distance you travel, plus any extras.

3. Where can I pick up a hire car in Parramatta?

KINTO car rental offers access to a wide range of cars located throughout Parramatta, parked on streets and in car parks. It is likely that a car may be available within a short walking distance from your residence.

4. How does the pricing system work with KINTO car hire in Parramatta?

KINTO has no membership fees. When booking a vehicle, you will be charged a Duration Fee (hourly or daily fee) and a Distance Fee (charge per kilometre driven). The overall costs will vary depending on how long the car is booked for and the distance travelled.

5. Can I return the hire vehicle to a different location from where I collected it?

No, it is necessary to hire the vehicle to the same location from which it was initially collected.

What to do in Parramatta

Parramatta Park

Enjoy the day outdoors at Parramatta Park, a park with a history of over 160 years. Parramatta Park is a popular parkland area hosting many events throughout the year. In addition to this, it has various attractions worth checking out, such as the Old Government House, a heritage-listed building and also the oldest standing building in Australia. It is preserved with old colonial furniture and holds a fascinating story. Visitors can also take a guided tour of The Dairy Precinct, located within the park. Here, you can learn about the park's indigenous and European history while viewing artefacts and interactive displays. This park also has fantastic tracks ideal for bike riding and walking in picturesque scenery.

Explore the Parramatta Heritage Trail

Discover the history of Parramatta through the Parramatta Heritage Trail. Step back in time while you wander the significant sights of the area and learn about their history. A quick look online will provide you with an overview of the trail for visitors to follow along and a short blurb about each spot on the map. The Parramatta Heritage Trail will take you along to important places such as NSW Lancer Barracks and Museum, Australia's longest continuous military installation, Philip Ruddock Heritage Centre, where archaeological remains of the early settlement were uncovered and the Parramatta Female Factory, where you can hear stories of female convicts and follow their footsteps through the prison.

Riverside Theatres

Looking for something different to do? Catch a live performance or a film at Riverside Theatres. The venue hosts a range of live events and films for audiences of all ages, like comedy shows, dance performances, live bands, plays, kids performances, and so much more. There is something for all members of the family at Riverside Theatres, making this a great family outing destination and a terrific date night location. Check out upcoming events online so you don't miss out.

Parramatta Gaol Ghost Tours

Take a guided ghost tour at the historic Parramatta Gaol after dark. If you're feeling brave, you will venture into the eerie depths of the Parramatta Gaol for a paranormal experience. The gaol receives frequent reports of ghostly activity that are sure to send a shiver up your spine. So, if you're daring, you'll embark on a hair-raising tour through the dimly-lit prison while your guide shares harrowing stories of paranormal activity and the dark past of the gaol. This tour is for those who love the thrill of being frightened and the opportunity to see a haunting location at night.

Visit Eat Street Parramatta

If you're unsure where to eat in Parramatta, why not head to Church Street, dubbed 'Eat Street' by the community. This is a perfect destination for a night out, with the street teeming with restaurants, cafes, and bars all in one place. From a coffee catch-up with friends to an alfresco dinner under twinkling lights or an expertly mixed and shaken cocktail at one of the bars, there are eateries and venues for all hours of the day and night. Pop over to Eat Street for good times, a great atmosphere, and even better food and drinks to enjoy with family and friends.

Parramatta Winterlight Festival

If you're visiting Parramatta during the winter months, you must check out the Parramatta Winterlight Festival. The festival runs throughout winter, transforming Prince Alfred Park into a winter wonderland. There are Instagrammable igloos to keep out of the chilly weather where you can enjoy a grazing plate and drinks with friends, a large open-air ice rink to try your hand at ice skating as well as a dedicated rink for kids to skate on, daily snow showers, as well as cosy winter drinks and food to warm you up. The Parramatta Winterlight Festival is the place to go during winter to rug up and immerse yourself in the winter atmosphere.

Explore Lake Parramatta Reserve

Lake Parramatta Reserve is a nature oasis with over 70 hectares of bushland to explore. Bring your friends, a picnic, bathers, and good walking shoes and spend the day wandering through the reserve, seeing what this beautiful space has to offer. You can swim in the lake from October each year, and lifeguards patrol the area. The lake is large enough to bring a floatation device and drift along the calm waters in the sun. Visitors can also kayak across the lake or hire a boat and explore the waters—another fantastic activity to do while here is hiking and wandering along the many paths. And be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife, like shy echidnas and blue-tongue lizards that might peek out.

Parramatta River Ferry

Take to the Parramatta River on the ferry to explore Parramatta and the surrounding areas. Drift across the waters as you watch the beautiful surroundings pass by. By taking the Parramatta River Ferry, you'll get a unique view of the area and see all it offers from a new angle. Take your time riding the ferry in and admiring your surroundings, and before you know it, you'll be going past the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus other iconic landmarks of the region. Plan your day around sightseeing, making stops along the route to explore new locations, and when you're done, take the ferry back to Parramatta.

Try an Escape Room

Grab your friends and head to an escape room in Parramatta for a fun and challenging activity. First, you'll select from one of the escape room themes, like horror, fantasy, futuristic, thriller and more. Then, as a team, you'll band together to follow the clues, solve riddles, decipher puzzles and explore your surroundings to unravel the mystery that will help you escape your fate in time. Escape rooms can be done in groups as small as 2, so you can try to solve one on a date night or with a friend with great problem-solving skills.

Visit the Australian Motorlife Museum

If you're a car enthusiast, then this one's for you. Check out the Australian Motorlife Museum, which features a vast collection of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as the technology that changed the game back in the late 1800s. Spend time wandering the exhibitions and admiring the history of motor life and the technology that brought Australia to where it is today.

Remember to check the local guidelines and opening hours of attractions and facilities to plan your visit accordingly.