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Looking for a reliable car rental in Port Lincoln? KINTO has a range of Toyota vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an SUV for your next road trip, a van for moving furniture, a 7-seater to fit the whole family, or a hatchback for running errands, KINTO has the car rental in Port Lincoln that is the perfect solution for you.

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Models may vary from those shown. Specific vehicles may vary from time to time.

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Rent by the hour or day, week, month, all the way up a year. All bookings include fuel, insurance (excess applies) and 24/7 roadside assist.

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1. Do I require an Australian driving licence to rent a car in Port Lincoln?

For renting cars in Port Lincoln, international drivers are welcome. You only need to possess a valid and unrestricted driver's licence from your home country. If your licence is in a language other than English, a formal translation is necessary.

2. What is the pricing structure for borrowing a car through KINTO car rental?

The pricing for KINTO car rental differs slightly from traditional car rental companies. When you borrow a car with KINTO, you are charged based on the duration of your usage, the distance you travel, plus any extras.

3. Where can I pick up a rental car in Port Lincoln?

KINTO car rental offers access to a wide range of cars located throughout Port Lincoln, parked on streets and in car parks. It is likely that a car may be available within a short walking distance from your residence.

4. How does the pricing system work with KINTO car rental in Port Lincoln?

KINTO has no membership fees. When booking a vehicle, you will be charged a Duration Fee (hourly or daily fee) and a Distance Fee (charge per kilometre driven). The overall costs will vary depending on how long the car is booked for and the distance travelled.

5. Can I return the rental vehicle to a different location from where I collected it?

No, it is necessary to return the vehicle to the same location from which it was initially collected.

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Are you feeling brave? Jump in a cage and come face to face with some of the most feared apex predators of the sea. Shark Cage diving requires no previous skill or qualifications and is an unforgettable experience like no other. Get up close and personal with a Great White Shark! Count the rows of sharp teeth from the safety of the cage while you marvel at these incredible creatures. Being so close to such a huge animal will have your heart racing. Or if that's not for you, lose the cage and go swimming with the playful Sea Lions instead. Sea Lions are known as the puppies of the sea for a reason, and they are a delight to swim and interact with. These tours are both educational and filled with fun. And there are plenty of opportunities to snap some great pictures.

Lincoln National Park

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Adventure Sports

Are you looking for something exciting to do? Don't look past Xtreme Kites & Paddle, a long standing local business with years of adventure sports experience. Uncover the Port Lincoln area while partaking in sports activities. Get your adrenaline pumping by sandboarding down the massive sand dunes of Lincoln National Park. Float along the water on a paddleboard or glide through it while kayaking. Catch some waves in the surf, or take a kiteboarding lesson with a professional. If you're with the kids, they also offer bubble soccer, archery tag, Zorb balls and more. There is something entertaining catered to the whole family. Not to mention, all the equipment is supplied, so you can just show up ready for a perfect day of sports adventure.

Go Fishing

Port Lincoln is a renowned fishing destination, popular among locals and visitors for its ample fishing opportunities. If you're an avid angler, you'll want to check out the fishing destinations around Port Lincoln or even book a fishing charter for some deep sea finds. There is a range of fish you may find all year round, including Salmon, Whiting, Snook, Squid, Snapper, Gummy Shark and more. But if you come in particular months, you'll be rewarded with Blue Swimmer Crabs, Southern Rock Lobsters, Bluefin Tuna, and the list goes on. Grab your gear and head to the nearest hot spot to find your dinner or catch some mouthwatering Australian seafood.

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What better way to spend a warm day than lounging on the soft sand in the sun. The beaches in the Port Lincoln area are truly a beauty to behold, with golden sandy dunes, turquoise waters perfect for swimming, and many beaches with just the right surfing conditions. While there are many secluded spots to stop within the Port Lincoln National Park, there are other gorgeous beaches to visit outside. Bring your surfboard along to beaches like Fishery Bay and Mary Ellis Wreck Beach. Or if you're looking for something cool to see. The Greenly Rockpool is a drive away from Port Lincoln, but it is a huge, popular rock pool where you can swim and see starfish and other marine animals.

Visit the Wildlife Parks

Mikkira Station is home to the only wild koala colony in the area. Here, you can camp among the koalas as they munch on the Manna Gum leaves that they love so much. This is a great spot to spend the day spotting wildlife and observing them in their natural habitat. Picnic in this serene location surrounded by nature and camp in the company of the koalas at night. Another great spot to see wildlife is the Glen Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard. See many of Australia's iconic animals like dingoes, koalas, emus, wombats and more. There are also farm animals to interact with and meet. But the fun doesn't end there. The park runs segway tours and has a vineyard where parents can relax and sip a nice wine after a fun-filled day.

Remember to check the local guidelines and opening hours of attractions and facilities to plan your visit accordingly.