5 Things You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Van


May 2024

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Top things to know before you hire a van

Are you planning to move or need to pick up a new couch? Renting a van and doing it yourself could be a more affordable option than hiring a moving company. But before you jump in and book a vehicle, there are some important things to consider to ensure you book the right van for your needs. Here are our top 5 essential points to consider before you hire.

How old is the van?

The age and condition of the vehicle are crucial when looking for a van to hire. While some van hire companies may be cheaper, be careful not to risk hiring an unreliable, older, and less comfortable vehicle that doesn't have up-to-date safety features. A reputable company will regularly maintain their vehicles and keep them in good condition.

KINTO® uses fully maintained, modern Toyota HiAce vans that are no more than 3 years old. Each van has modern safety features and current tech, like Bluetooth.

How much can it carry?

What do you need to transport? This is a big factor in deciding whether the vehicle suits your needs. When choosing a van to hire, gather all the details to ensure you can fit and move all the items you need to. This includes the exact dimensions of cargo space, how much the van can carry, and whether your item fits.

KINTO® Toyota HiAce van’s cargo dimensions are:

  • Payload of 1075kg
  • 6200L loadspace volume
  • Height - 1,340mm
  • Length - 2,530mm
  • Width – 1,760mm
  • Width (between Wheel Housing) – 1,268mm

How long will you need the van?

When hiring, consider when and how long you will need it. Once you have this information, booking well in advance can help you secure the van you need with a reputable hire company. With KINTO®, you can use the Get a Quote feature to see the live availability of hire vehicles.

It's also worth researching if you can hire the van for a couple of hours to avoid paying for time you won't need or if you can hire in the evenings and outside business hours to fit moving around work commitments. Many hire companies will have restrictions on hire times and durations, so this is important to know.

KINTO® has flexible van hire availability, meaning you can hire a van for as little as an hour, and up to a year, depending on your needs. With 24-hour accessible sites, you can move what you need at any hour of the day or night. This flexibility ensures you can access the van when needed, regardless of the time or duration.

Driver requirements

All rental companies have specific driver requirements that must be met to book a vehicle. Before hiring, you'll need to determine if there is a minimum age to hire a van or if you can drive on P-Plates (if this applies).

KINTO®'s eligibility criteria are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid full or P2 provisional Australian or international driver's licence with licence type of 'car'; and
  • In the last 3 years, not:
    • Had an application for motor vehicle insurance refused, declined or cancelled;
    • Had your driver's licence restricted, suspended, cancelled or endorsed with special conditions;
    • Been convicted of, or had any fines imposed for criminal activity; and
    • Had more than 2 motor vehicle claims where you had to pay an excess

What is the insurance excess?

Finally, what insurance excess would you be required to pay in the event of an accident? This is important to consider, as some hire companies charge large standard insurance excess amounts.

Here's an example comparison for a 25yo hiring a van:

Budget - $5445.00

Sixt - $8250.00

Avis - $5445.00

KINTO® - $3300.00

Read more info here on KINTO insurance excess and insurance excess reduction options.

Ready to hit the road? Now you have all the information, it's time to take the next step and hire a van! Pick up that cool vintage dining set you found on Marketplace or move interstate with KINTO® ’s fleet of reliable and affordable van rentals to suit your needs.

What are you waiting for? Get a Quote and start your move today!