How Hiring a KINTO Could Save You Money on Your Next Holiday


July 2023

Using KINTO for your next holiday could save your time, and your money. Take a look through this article to see an example.

KINTO is now available in over 200 locations nationally, with many available 24/7. You can hire a KINTO at participating Toyota Dealership locations, on-street dedicated parks, hotels, high-rise car parks, shopping centres and more. But how does this make a difference? Let's look at an example.

Family Holiday to the Gold Coast

Two families, the Smiths and the Kumars, are heading on a 7 day dream family vacation to the Gold Coast. Each family has decided that the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the perfect car for their needs. Both families only need a car for 4 days to visit the theme parks, as they’ll be relaxing for the other days of their holiday.

  • Sally Smith uses a traditional car rental service from Gold Coast Airport, for the full 7 days.
  • Maree Kumar uses rideshare to get to their hotel, Rhapsody Resort, then just rents a KINTO available at the hotel (or any in the surrounding area) when they need a car.

Sally Smith Maree Kumar
RAV4 hire for 7 days - $1246* Rideshare from airport to the hotel - $60**
Fuel for 200km - $30*** Rideshare from hotel to the airport - $60**
  KINTO RAV4 four day hire – $312.50
  KINTO distance fee (200km) - $62
Total = $1276
Total = $494.50

Even after using rideshare to and from the airport, Maree has saved her family around $780!

Considering the numbers, why pay for a rental car on the days you don’t actually need it? Don’t be a silly, Sally. Use KINTO.

It doesn’t stop there, there are many other great features that make KINTO stand out from other car rental services, these include:

100% Hybrid Fleet of Passenger Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles produce lower tailpipe emissions without sacrificing power or performance. Hybrid cars balance petrol engines and electric motors to maintain power while producing lower emissions.

Flexible Booking System

Whether you need a car for 1 hour or up to 1 year, KINTO can help. KINTO offers flexible booking times for as little or as long as you may need it^. Whether you need to run errands, go on a weekend trip away or if you need a car every day, KINTO has you covered.

All You Need is Your Smartphone

That’s right. KINTO is a fully digital self-service, operating from the KINTO app on your smartphone. That means no calling to book, waiting to fill out paperwork, or waiting in lines. All you need is your smartphone to book, unlock and drive away.

* based on pricing obtained on July 19th, 2023 for September 18th-24th, 2023 from the Gold Coast Airport website.

** based on pricing obtained on Uber.

***based on 7.5L per 100km and petrol at $2 per litre.

^ Maximum 364 day term. Terms and conditions apply.