Our Passenger Fleet Is Now Over 94% Hybrid


August 2022

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The Toyota Hybrid range is engineered to operate at a high standard, achieving fuel efficiency, lowering costs and creating a quieter, smoother ride.

We’re proud to announce that our KINTO passenger fleet is now 94% Hybrid! While we are still aiming to reach 100%, we’re thrilled to contribute toward a greener Australia without sacrificing performance. The Toyota Hybrid range is engineered to operate at a high standard, achieving fuel efficiency, lowering costs and creating a quieter, smoother ride.

This achievement is a huge step in the right direction to continue to lower our carbon emissions, work towards helping the climate crisis and create a sustainable future. Our environmental perspective aligns with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

What is a Hybrid?

Hybrid cars are a stepping stone between conventional vehicles and electric cars. The Toyota Hybrid range expertly combines the two, harnessing the power of a petrol engine blended with the efficiency of electric motors. Together, both systems work to power the vehicle. Overall, this creates a greener car that burns less petrol, improves fuel efficiency, and has outstanding performance.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Cars?

Environmentally Friendly

The number one benefit of Hybrid cars is the significant reduction of CO2 emissions compared to regular vehicles. The addition of the electric motors results in less dependence on petrol. The electric motor does the work when driving at low speeds, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Quieter, Smoother Operation

The electric motor produces virtually no noise, so you enjoy quieter operation. The Toyota Hybrid range features a smoother ride thanks to state-of-the-art technology delivering controlled take-offs, braking and smarter automatic gear changes

Lower Running Costs

Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient. The electric motor is activated when stationary or driving at slower speeds, meaning zero fuel is used. With petrol prices soaring, this could even save you in the long run.

Charge While Driving

While braking or decelerating, the electric motor continues generating power stored in the battery and removing the hassle of plugging in to charge. Saving you time and money.

Faster Power Delivery

When reaching high speeds, the intelligent switching system automatically turns on the petrol engine for additional power and increased performance.

Long-Lasting Batteries

Decades of research by Toyota have produced a high-quality, robust, smart battery that has been expertly engineered to last.

Better still, when you choose KINTO there’s no need to sweat any of the cons that come with owning a car. We take care of that for you! That leaves you to reap the benefits of lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions while we take care of maintenance and other costly concerns. It’s a win-win!

Try our Hybrid range for yourself and experience a smarter, greener way of completing your day-to-day. Download the KINTO App to get started!