Ready, Set, Go with KINTO Flex


March 2023

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Have you met KINTO Flex? Let us introduce you. KINTO Flex is a vehicle subscription that adapts to your lifestyle.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of car ownership without the commitment? Well, KINTO Flex could be what you've been waiting for. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a car, but on a monthly subscription, and you can manage it all through your smartphone. It's as simple as that!

Get from A to B fast with one of the latest Toyota models within reach. KINTO Flex gives you access to a range of sleek cars and the flexibility to book a car that best suit your needs. So whether you need a swift hatchback for your daily work commute or to run errands, an SUV to comfortably fit the family in, a ute to hold your tools or a van for work deliveries, our Toyota range has the right car, perfect for all your needs[1]. Not to mention, you can change cars  by ending your current subscription and beginning a new one with a different available car[2].

Say goodbye to planning each trip ahead of time. KINTO Flex gives you the freedom to have a car at your fingertips when you need it, with all the added benefits and no extra up-front costs. That means you don't need a security deposit, an upfront bond or an establishment fee to join the monthly subscription. In addition, KINTO Flex gives you the freedom to be adaptable. Shorten or lengthen and manage your subscription as needed[4]. Just provide at least 7 days notice before your next billing cycle date, and you're good to go[2].

The costs of using KINTO Flex are transparent. The monthly booking costs consist of the duration fee plus the per kilometre distance fee. This means our prices include all fuel, insurance, maintenance, servicing and 24/7 roadside assistance[3]. So you have the peace of mind knowing what you’re being charged for with no additional up-front costs.

Our range of Toyota vehicles is almost entirely Hybrid. So you can enjoy a lower emission  car with the power of a petrol engine. The Toyota technology behind the Hybrid range delivers outstanding performance and efficiency. The Toyota Hybrid range harnesses the petrol engine's power with the fuel-saving capacities of an electric vehicle, giving you the best of both worlds. Better yet, the car charges while you drive, so you don't have to wait for it.

KINTO Flex allows you to live, work and travel flexibly. This service is for anyone in need of a car for a short to medium length of time. So if you’re interstate for work and need a vehicle, signing up is quick and easy. If you’re extending your stay, lengthen your subscription. Or, if you’re jetting off across the world, you can manage your subscription through your smartphone. Even if you’re just someone who can’t commit to buying a car right now. KINTO Flex is for you. Don’t worry about registration, insurance and maintenance fees[3]. We have that covered. KINTO Flex simplifies life so you can focus on more important things, and rest assured that KINTO Flex has got you covered.

[1] Vehicles subject to availability.

[2] Minimum 7 days notice required before the end of the relevant billing period as per the KINTO app and you must return the vehicle by the end of that period.

[3] Some fees do apply. For example tolls, infringements and Insurance excess fees apply. Please also see our fee schedule for details of other additional fees and charges.

[4] Subject to availability.