New Booking Extension Feature


January 2022

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As of 2pm Monday 24th Jan 2022, our newest feature went live – custom booking extensions. Instead of only extending your KINTO booking by 2 hours at a time, you can now extend for as long as you need.*

When extending your booking, you are now able to choose the exact date and time you’d like to extend until.

The additional cost of the extended time will be displayed in your app and will be charged to your nominated payment card upon clicking “Extend”. All booking extensions will now take immediate payment, regardless of the duration – to avoid a bigger bill at the end.

 If payment fails, your time extension will not be confirmed, and the vehicle needs to be returned at the original end time.

This is an indication only. Costs will change depending on the vehicle and extension period.

New KINTO locations added in the last month

Bookings can be made for a minimum period of 1 hour and a maximum period of up to 364 days where permitted by KINTO.