The Best Way to Spend 24 Hours in Melbourne


January 2024

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A Guide to Making the Most of Your Day in Melbourne

Only have 24 hours in Melbourne? No worries! See the sights, eat great food and understand why Melbourne was ranked one of the world's most liveable cities.

Wander Through the Botanical Gardens

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Start your morning off right with a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens. The gardens provide a gorgeous backdrop for a lovely morning stroll featuring rolling lawns, charming gardens and a beautiful lake. The Royal Botanical Gardens are a fantastic way to start your 24-hour trip to Melbourne.


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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better breakfast than a buttery, flaky croissant. Agathé French Pâtisserie are a Parisian-inspired patisserie serving traditional and non-traditional flavoured croissants, danishes, baguettes and more.

They are an innovative patisserie fusing unique flavour combinations inside French classics. While there, we recommend trying a traditional croissant and branching out to try one of the fusion pastries, too.

Discover the Mornington Peninsula

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From here, take the scenic drive down to the Mornington Peninsula. Surrounded by beaches and wineries, it's easy to see why this is a well-loved destination by Melbournians.

Choose from activities like Pt Leo Estate Sculpture Park, which has around 60 works of art to see, most of which are large-scale. Another activity is the Ashcombe Maze and Gardens, home to a 3-metre tall hedge maze that looks like it's been pulled straight out of Harry Potter. Or, if you want to relax and snack on some juicy berries, visit Rocky Creek Strawberry Farm, where you can pick your own berries straight from the plant.


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Once you've worked up an appetite, head to one of the delicious cafes and restaurants in the area. Some options are Barn & Co., set in a charming rustic barn and serving Mediterranean delights, Red Gum BBQ, a Southern-style BBQ in a casual dining setting and Many Little Bar & Dining, a Modern Asian Sri Lankan-inspired menu with great cocktails.

Unwind at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

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Now that you're well-fed and watered, it's time for the ultimate relaxation at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. The geothermal pools are filled with mineral-rich water syphoned from hundreds of metres below the Earth's surface.

Unwind, rejuvenate and soak in the benefits as you try the rain, botanical, forest and cold plunge pools. We suggest allowing a few hours to soak and truly enjoy the tranquillity.

Something Sweet

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Sink your teeth into something sweet at Tully's Corner. Here, you'll find the viral mouth-watering chocolate-covered strawberries. Picture this. Juicy, sweet strawberries picked fresh from the farm smothered in rich, decadent milk chocolate poured from a tap.

Watch the Sunset Over the City

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Next, head back to the city, where you can watch the sunset with a drink and a fantastic view. If there's something that Melbourne has an abundance of, it's trendy rooftop bars, and they are the perfect location to watch the sunset if you're in the CBD.

Sit among the skyscrapers and sip on a cocktail of your choice. Our top rooftop bar picks are Loop Rooftop Bar for a casual vibe with two levels of rooftop goodness. Siglo, a European-inspired rooftop terrace bar serving classic drinks and a selection of Cuban cigars. And Madame Brussels, a pretty pink rooftop cocktail bar.


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The Melbourne culinary scene is renowned for its vibrant and diverse cuisines, with the city being home to a wide variety of top-quality restaurants.

Reine & La Rue is no exception. Located inside the heritage-listed building in the newly restored Cathedral Room, Reine & La Rue is an elegant fine dining experience serving modern French cuisine in a grand venue.

Lets's Play Darts

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Wrap up your 24-hour adventure in Melbourne with a game of darts at Oche. Oche puts a twist on the traditional game of darts by digitising it. Hop in a booth and challenge your companion to a fun game to end the night.

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