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Looking for a reliable car hire in Wangara? KINTO has a range of Toyota vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an SUV for your next road trip, a van for moving furniture, a 7-seater to fit the whole family, or a hatchback for running errands, KINTO has the car hire in Wangara that is the perfect solution for you.

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Models may vary from those shown. Specific vehicles may vary from time to time.

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Hire by the hour or day, week, month, all the way up a year. All bookings include fuel, insurance (excess applies) and 24/7 roadside assist.

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1. Do I require an Australian driving licence to hire a car in Wangara?

For hiring cars in Wangara, international drivers are welcome. You only need to possess a valid and unrestricted driver's licence from your home country. If your licence is in a language other than English, a formal translation is necessary.

2. What is the pricing structure for borrowing a car through KINTO car hire?

The pricing for KINTO car hire differs slightly from traditional car hire companies. When you borrow a car with KINTO, you are charged based on the duration of your usage, the distance you travel, plus any extras.

3. Where can I pick up a hire car in Wangara?

KINTO car rental offers access to a wide range of cars located throughout Wangara, parked on streets and in car parks. It is likely that a car may be available within a short walking distance from your residence.

4. How does the pricing system work with KINTO car hire in Wangara?

KINTO has no membership fees. When booking a vehicle, you will be charged a Duration Fee (hourly or daily fee) and a Distance Fee (charge per kilometre driven). The overall costs will vary depending on how long the car is booked for and the distance travelled.

5. Can I return the hire vehicle to a different location from where I collected it?

No, it is necessary to hire the vehicle to the same location from which it was initially collected.

What to do in Wangara

Explore Yellagonga Regional Park

Calling all nature lovers, this one is sure to pique your interest. Known as one of the area's best-kept secrets, Yellagonga Regional Park is loved by the locals. The extensive parkland surrounds the vast Joondalup Lake and is a beautiful location to visit and explore. The park just about has it all, with a huge wetland area and large grassy landscapes. Bring your friends and family, stretch out on the grass, or wander around the bushland and lake path with your four-legged friend. Yellagonga Regional Park is also home to many animals that can be seen around the park, including turtles, birds, kangaroos, frogs and more, making this an oasis for visitors and wildlife too.

Race at Mega Fast Karts Wanneroo

Do you have the need for speed? If you do, then head to Mega Fast Karts Wanneroo! This is one the whole family can enjoy. Challenge your friends to a race, jump into one of the lightning-fast karts and get ready on the starting line of a real racetrack used in actual competitions. Hear the engines roar and the siren blare before you accelerate and blast off around the course in a bid to win. Whip around the corners, bolt down the straight lines of track and dash to the finish. Experience the exhilarating rush of motor racing like real race car drivers at Mega Fast Karts Wanneroo.

Visit Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon is a 30-minute drive away from Wangara. A visit to Yanchep Lagoon is a must to swim in the calm crystal clear waters and walk along the light sands. This is a popular swimming spot, and it's no wonder why, considering the beach is stunning and has good snorkelling opportunities too. Pack your gear for a beach day and snorkel around the lagoon. Spot marine life underneath the waves and see the area from a new angle. The Yanchep Lagoon is also an excellent place to cast out a line and see what you can catch. There are great spots along the beach for fishing, and if you're lucky, you might just catch something for dinner.

Perth Mango Farm

Nothing screams summer more than the taste of juicy mangoes under the warm sun. And what's better than buying delicious mangoes from the supermarket? Picking them yourself! When the picking season begins at Perth Mango Farm, you can visit and pick your own mangoes that come directly from the orchard. Here, you can taste the super sweet mangoes that are grown in a more temperate environment further south than most tropical plantations. Due to the location and environment in which the mangoes are grown, they are produced with a higher sugar content and also have a better flavour. Taste the farm-fresh difference for yourself on your next visit to Perth Mango Farm.

Discover Neerabup National Park

Neerabup National Park is a park with a rich Indigenous history. The parklands stretch across 12 km of bushland and were originally an ancient Aboriginal migration route. Visit the Neerabup National Park for a walk through this stunning natural landscape, or come picnic in this gorgeous oasis and unwind against the backdrop of large leafy trees, Kangaroo paws, buttercups and wisteria. And, if you come in the early morning or around dusk, you might catch a glimpse of kangaroos and maybe even emus. The park is teeming with wildlife and gorgeous native plants that are a wonder to see.

Mullaloo Beach

The Wangara area is close to many spectacular beaches, Mullaloo Beach being one of them. Grab your sunscreen and bathers and pop over to this wonderful beach for a day in the sun. Mullaloo Beach is nothing short of breathtaking, with clear turquoise waters and pristine near-white sands. Spend the day lying on the sandy shores basking in the sun, reading a good book while you tan or sitting under an umbrella and enjoying the serene view while listening to the waves crash against the shore. Race into the waters, swim in the clear ocean, snorkel around the shore, paddleboard in the calm water or surf the waves. Mullaloo Beach is a magnificent beach and one you won't want to miss seeing.

Visit My Strawberry Farm

Grab your friends, family or the kids and go to My Strawberry Farm for a fun day! This farm is a pick-your-own where you can take your time walking down the aisles of strawberry plants and carefully selecting each strawberry you want to take home. Fill up a punnett or two, pick enough to make jams, or freeze them for smoothies to use at a later date. There's something extra special about picking your fruit straight from the plant and bringing it home to eat. Picking seasonal fruit is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy, and better yet, you'll get to try super sweet strawberries that are bursting with flavour.

Perth's Outback Splash

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Come to Perth's Outback Splash, a fun park with loads of great attractions and activities that the whole family can enjoy. Escape the heat on the waterslides, where you can slip and slide to your heart's content. Stop by Splash Island, a water playground with waterslides, pools and other attractions. The fun continues at Perth's Outback Splash, which has year-round attractions you can enjoy whenever you want! Like a fantastic round of mini-golf with friends. Stop by and visit the cute koalas, or get up close and personal with a koala cuddle encounter. Try your luck with the different mazes dotted around the park. Find all the coloured flags within the Timber Maze to win, pick the right path to make it through the magical Hedge Maze or test your problem solving skills in the Tractor Tyre Maze. Perth's Outback Splash has plenty to see and do to keep the family entertained all day!

Remember to check the local guidelines and opening hours of attractions and facilities to plan your visit accordingly.