Keyless Entry Car Rental in Wagga Wagga

Looking for a reliable car rental in Wagga Wagga? KINTO has a range of Toyota vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an SUV for your next road trip, a van for moving furniture, a 7-seater to fit the whole family, or a hatchback for running errands, KINTO has the car rental in Wagga Wagga that is the perfect solution for you.

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With the KINTO app, you can easily locate available cars in your vicinity and obtain hourly, daily, weekly & monthly pricing options all through the digital self-service app on your smartphone. Simply join KINTO in the app and enjoy keyless entry into your vehicle. That's no paperwork & no keys.

Explore KINTO’s extensive range of Toyota vehicles available in Wagga Wagga.

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Thomas Bros Toyota

Models may vary from those shown. Specific vehicles may vary from time to time.

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Yes, we’ve got other Toyota vehicles available in your area on the KINTO app. Discover more cars & pricing in Wagga Wagga by downloading the KINTO app now!

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Rent by the hour or day, week, month, all the way up a year. All bookings include fuel, insurance (excess applies) and 24/7 roadside assist.

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1. Do I require an Australian driving licence to rent a car in Wagga Wagga?

For renting cars in Wagga Wagga, international drivers are welcome. You only need to possess a valid and unrestricted driver's licence from your home country. If your licence is in a language other than English, a formal translation is necessary.

2. What is the pricing structure for borrowing a car through KINTO car rental?

The pricing for KINTO car rental differs slightly from traditional car rental companies. When you borrow a car with KINTO, you are charged based on the duration of your usage, the distance you travel, plus any extras.

3. Where can I pick up a rental car in Wagga Wagga?

KINTO car rental offers access to a wide range of cars located throughout Wagga Wagga, parked on streets and in car parks. It is likely that a car may be available within a short walking distance from your residence.

4. How does the pricing system work with KINTO car rental in Wagga Wagga?

KINTO has no membership fees. When booking a vehicle, you will be charged a Duration Fee (hourly or daily fee) and a Distance Fee (charge per kilometre driven). The overall costs will vary depending on how long the car is booked for and the distance travelled.

5. Can I return the rental vehicle to a different location from where I collected it?

No, it is necessary to return the vehicle to the same location from which it was initially collected.

What to do in Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens

Spend some time exploring the Wagga Wagga Botanical Gardens. There are 22 acres of beautifully manicured gardens to see, including the Camellia Garden, established in recognition of Wagga Wagga's sister city in China, Kunming. The garden is host to over 300 species of Camellia, most of which were donated by one collector. Other notable areas to visit include the Cactus and Succulent Garden and Rainforest Gully. The gardens are additionally home to the Wagga Wagga Zoo, a miniature zoo and aviary. Many of the zoo's inhabitants are free to roam within the park, including peacocks, ducks, geese, chickens and many other species of birds.

Discover the Museum of the Riverina

If you're keen to learn about the history and people of Wagga Wagga, then head to the Museum of the Riverina. Its extensive collection has over 15 thousand artefacts, objects and photos that tell the story of and relay the history of Wagga Wagga. The exhibitions and collections are constantly changing, and there are always new items to see. Check out the museum's botanic gardens to understand more about the Riverina.

Visit Lake Albert

A popular location amongst locals, Lake Albert, is a family-friendly site. Walk, jog or cycle the 5-and-a-half kilometre circuit around the lake. If you're into water sports and recreation, then listen up. Lake Albert is equipped with a boat ramp and permits boating, fishing and swimming. So bring your gear and get out on the water. And if that's not your speed, then enjoy a stroll, pack a picnic and enjoy your lunch with a water view as you watch those out on the lake.

Explore the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Are you interested in the art scene? Visit the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery to see stunning art exhibitions spaced out across 7 magnificent exhibition spaces. The Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is home to a vast collection of contemporary art glass and a huge collection of original prints that are on display. Come and see these gorgeous works showcased. The Gallery also holds programs and activities for the little ones, including painting workshops and animation drawing for teens, and there are even fun activities and programs for adults too.

Down for a round of golf?

If you're interested in a round of golf, don't look past the Wagga Wagga Country Club. The picturesque course is well-maintained and a fantastic course to play a round on. The Wagga Wagga Country Club is a champion course acclaimed as the best country golf course in New South Wales. It is set alongside Albert Lake and offers stunning water views while you tee off. Be sure to check out the restaurant once you've finished playing. Their seasonally changing menu is sure to impress.

Wander along the Murrumbidgee River

Spend the day in the sun along the Murrumbidgee River. Walk or cycle the Wiradjuri Walking Track. This vast track spans an impressive 42 kilometres and is a walking tour that winds around the city. The trail stops along many of the city's important Indigenous places and invites visitors to explore the beautiful landscapes of Wagga Wagga. While walking or cycling, spot the wildlife and take in the gorgeous views. If you want to get in the water, there are kayak hires and guided tours that will show you the river from the water and teach you about it along the way.

Camel Racing

You've heard of dog and horse racing but have you heard of camel racing before? Wagga Wagga runs annual camel racing events, and you're in for a treat. If you're in the area, be sure to grab a ticket because this is a unique racing event that you won't want to miss. The camel racing event began in 2021 and made a lasting impression on the Wagga Wagga community. Grab a ticket, get dressed up, pick a favourite to win and watch the camels fly out of the gate on a fun day at the races.

Laser Tag

Round up your teammates and head down to Laser Tag Wagga for a fun round of laser tag. Laser Tag Wagga is home to the biggest laser tag maze in all of New South Wales. Hide within the maze in a secure location to not get hit or play offence and stealthily make your way through the maze, shooting and scoring points to win. Be crowned the champion at the end of a round of solo playing, or strategise with your team to win the team's match.

See a performance at the Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre

There are so many different performances to see at the Wagga Civic Theatre. Choose from the selection of What's On to see a show of talented performers and a night of quality entertainment. From dance shows, live music, instrumental solos and bands, well-loved plays, musicals, adaptations and more, there is no shortage of talent or enjoyment. Pop down early and have something to nibble on and a drink from the bar. There are delicious pre-show platters to be had and other yummy nibbles too.

Inflatable World Wagga

Head on down to Inflatable World Wagga for a fun time bouncing through the largest inflatable playground Australia has to offer. This isn't just a fun stop for the kids, this is one for the big kids and the kids at heart too. Each session runs for about 2 hours, and there are plenty of slides and obstacles to slide down and jump through and so much fun to be had. Pop over to Inflatable World and bounce, jump and leap your way through the course and have a blast!

Picnic by the Wollundry Lagoon

Located next to the Wagga Wagga CBD is the Wollundry Lagoon. This is a beautiful location to stop by for a stroll through the gardens and is a calm spot to breathe in the fresh air and relax. To ensure a special day pack a picnic with all your favourite treats and a picnic blanket to lay out over the grass and set up your lunch among the ducks. Lay out in the open air, read a book and enjoy time winding down in nature with a beautiful view of the lagoon.

Spend the day at Wagga Wagga Beach

Yes, that's right. Despite being inland, Wagga Wagga has a beach. Wagga Wagga Beach is set on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River and has sandy shores and grassy spaces to sit and relax. Wagga Wagga Beach was awarded 9th place in the top 20 beaches in Australia in 2020, and it's no surprise why. This charming beach is perfect for passing the day, soaking up the sun on the golden sandy shores and cooling off in the water. The calm waters are great for swimming, boating and kayaking, making this a great spot to spend the day.

Remember to check the local guidelines and opening hours of attractions and facilities to plan your visit accordingly.