5 Essentials for your Next Winter Road Trip


July 2022

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Here at KINTO, we believe that road tripping isn’t just bound to the warmer seasons.

Winter is here! And depending on your stance on the chilly season, it’s either a good or bad thing.

So, what comes to mind when you think of Winter? Snow? Hot chocolate? Maybe it’s the fashion (who doesn’t love a good scarf and beanie?). Here at KINTO, we believe that road tripping isn’t just bound to the warmer seasons. Whether it’s a drive up to the mountains for your annual ski trip, or a weekend getaway to the countryside, we’re ALL for a cosy Winter drive!

Here are 5 must-have essentials for your next road trip this Winter:

1. A Phone

Is this one too obvious? Your phone is essential when it comes to using KINTO!

Who knows what could happen on the road? It’s always smart to have your phone handy, charged and ready-to-use. Plus, you need to be able to access the KINTO app on your phone to book and drive your vehicle. Our cars lock and unlock through the KINTO app on your phone, so it’s best not to leave your key uncharged!


2. Roadside Assistance

With the Winter weather comes wet and rainy days, which equals slippery roads and foggy vision. It’s no surprise that more car accidents happen during the colder weather, which is why you want to ensure you have peace of mind just in case of an emergency. With KINTO, we provide roadside assistance with every vehicle rental- we’ve got you covered!

3. Warm Clothes

Honestly, we only suggest rugging-up if you’re planning on leaving the vehicle, otherwise, your KINTO car is pretty cosy as is! With our built-in heaters and seat warmers - you won’t want to leave. (Seat-warmers available in selected vehicles.)

But hey, it doesn’t hurt to pack a couple blankets in the back seat, either.

4. A Good NAV System

There’s nothing worse than cruising along on your road trip when… you realise you’ve taken a wrong turn…30 minutes ago.

Leave the navigation to our Toyotas’ NAV or CarPlay/AndroidAuto system! Whether it’s a quick trip to brunch, or a weekend getaway on the other side of the state, your KINTO vehicles’ on-screen navigation will help get you there!

5. A KINTO Membership!

Don’t have a car at your disposal? No worries!

Create an account with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. All you need is your phone to book, unlock and drive your KINTO vehicle (we even take care of the boring stuff like insurance, rego and servicing!).

Simply Download the KINTO app via the App Store or Google Play, and sign up for an account. Easy as that!

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