Try out the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid with KINTO


June 2023

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Test Drive the New Hybrid Corolla Cross Hybrid

Introducing the Corolla Cross Hybrid! The newest addition to the KINTO fleet.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid is the perfect combination of power and sophistication that is built to stand out. The subcompact SUV is bold and efficient. It's fuel efficient and has ample cargo space, and the perks don't end there.

The Corolla Cross is now available for purchase in Australia, and you can take it for a test run with KINTO!

Here are only some of the newest inclusions and technology you can look forward to in the Corolla Cross.

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Pre-Collision System

The Pre-Collision System includes pedestrian detection, which is designed to detect obstructions in front of you, including vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists (during the daytime) or motorcyclists. Upon detection where a collision is likely, an audible and visual warning will be provided to the driver. If no response is made and collision appears unavoidable, the system has been designed to provide automatic emergency braking to help mitigate the impact. This feature helps drivers get from A to B safely.

Road Sign Assist

Drive safer and smarter with the safety features built into the Corolla Cross. Road Sign Assist is an inbuilt camera system that detects speed limit signs and displays an icon on the Multi-information Display for the driver to be aware of and respond accordingly.

Lane Departure Alert With Steering Assist

This innovative safety feature is designed to prevent vehicles from drifting outside their lane by detecting and monitoring road markings. If the system detects deviation from the lane, an audible and visual warning will be provided to the driver, and the system may apply steering force if required to help you stay within the lane.

LED Headlights & Fog Lights

The addition of LED headlights and also LED fog lights means that you'll have a clear view of the road no matter the time of day, night or through foggy conditions. The LED lights are designed to provide a crisp view of the road ahead and, in foggy conditions, help cut out the glare to improve your visibility.

10.5 Inch Audio Multimedia Touchscreen

Atop the sleek dash is a generous 10.5-inch touchscreen that allows you to control much of the Corolla Cross systems. The multimedia display has Apple Car Play®[C12]  and Android Auto™️[C13], both with voice recognition. From here, you can play your favourite music, listen to a podcast or audiobook, view maps, make a call, and so much more. The Corolla Cross also features a JBL speaker system for sharp, clear audio every time.

Parking Assist with Automatic Braking

Park with ease of mind. The Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking uses audio and visual warnings when it detects stationary objects, people walking nearby, or vehicles nearing from the rear. If the system determines contact may be made with an object, person or vehicle, it will alert the car and reduce engine power or apply the brakes.

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Take the Corolla Cross for a test drive today!* Simply head to KINTO app and submit an application, once approved you're ready to book your drive in the stylish Corolla Cross.

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